Three in a row!

It was a history making moment on Thursday, March 21. Shenton College won the A-Division Interschool Swimming Championships for the third consecutive year! The Shenton spirit was alive and well on this great day and the power of these whole school events to connect students and give them a sense of belonging and pride cannot be under-estimated.

There was resilience and integrity displayed by all the students, whether they competed, were reserves ready to swim if needed, or were in the stands cheering on their peers.

Of course there were outstanding individual results on the day, including seven championship swimmers for their age group and two state school records set for Year 7 Girls 4 x 50m freestyle relay and Year 10 Girls 4 x 50m freestyle relay.

Swim Captains Rowan Brown and Isabelle White, who have been racing for the College for the past five years, brilliantly led the team, and the standard of the younger swimmers bodes well for more championship wins in the future.

Only days earlier the Shenton dive team won the SSWA State Diving competition, also for the third year running! Many of the students were first time divers and benefited from a master class with WAIS dive coaches before the event. There were some great dives on the day and well done to all the students who participated.

Fynn goes solo

Congratulations to Y11 student Fynn Evans-Ocharern who last Friday completed a solo swim crossing the Rottnest Channel.

A rather unique achievement, in that the ‘out of event’ crossing was completed from the island to the mainland, Fynn made light of the trying conditions to achieve a very creditable time of 5hours 59 minutes.  Over the last few months Fynn has been trying with her coach, Claire Evans, and world champion marathon swimmer Shelley Taylor-Smith, often swimming 25km a week to prepare herself for the event.

Fynn reports that she once she has finished Y11 and 12 she has set her sights on completing either the Manhattan Island Swim or a crossing of the English channel – maybe even both!

We applaud her dedication, effort and commitment on what is a remarkable achievement.

Stingers stung by Churchlands

Churchlands took control of the game early, leading at half time by 13 points. The Stingers controlled the footy for extended periods of time in the first half, but couldn’t deliver going forward. Despite this, Shenton’s tackling pressure and hardness at the ball nearly won them the game, but due to lack of marks, the boys unfortunately couldn’t rebound in the second half. Churchlands increased their lead by 1 point and steadied from that point on.

There were many Shenton players that played their roles well, but only a few stung Churchlands when they were in possession of the ball.
Yr12 Brock Ward once again did a brilliant job down back, highlighted by a play where he ran from full back to the centre of the ground to overlap the opposition.

Nick Sgambelluri was arguably the best midfielder on the ground, moving the ball fast and shrugging off anyone that attempted to tackle him.
When Ben Gaspar moved out of the ruck, he went up forward to kick a goal and gave the Shenton Stingers the momentum.
Andrew Fischer also produced another great performance, producing many rebounds and defensive plays.
Josh Gentle from Yr 10 definitely wasn’t gentle as he went hard at the ball.

The final margin was Churchlands by 14 points.
Shenton 2.6 (18)
Churchlands 4.8 (32)

Mr Miles MVP: Nick S, Brock W, Callum M, Jamie F, Lewis W

Tackle of the week: Ryan Yovich

Next Game: Shenton Stingers V John 23rd
Venue: Shenton College
Date: 18th of May, Wednesday, 2016
Time: 4pm-5pm

Thanks to all the teachers, parents and students, which came along to the game to support the Shenton Stingers. Unfortunately we didn’t get the win but expect Shenton to rebound strongly next week when they play John 23rd.

Article written by Bradley Johnston (Yr11)