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The Shenton College Technologies Learning Area is organised into three distinct fields:

  1. Digital Technologies (computing, multimedia)
  2. Food and Textile Studies
  3. Design Technologies (wood, metal)

Throughout Years 7 and 8, Technologies students study two semesters of Digital Technologies, one semester of Food and Textiles, and one semester of Design Technologies.

In Year 9 when students have a deeper understanding of their skills and interests, they then choose to continue in two of the three fields, studying a unit from each for a semester.

Once in Year 10, students select in depth courses in their preferred discipline areas. At this stage it’s important to select carefully in preparation for Years 11 and 12.

Year 10 students choose from:

  • Food Studies: Kitchen Wizards
  • Food Studies: MasterClass
  • Textiles By Design
  • Digital Technologies: Digital Imaging and Animation
  • Digital Technologies: Databases and Programming
  • Design Technologies: Mechatronics
  • Design Technologies: Create in Wood and Metal.

Technologies students are often required to plan and manage their work in collaborative settings, and are assessed through creative design tasks which test students’ capacity to investigate, generate, produce and evaluate.