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P&C Association

The Shenton Parents and Citizens Association is involved in a host of school activities, and provides a range of volunteer assistance, raises funds, and works to strengthen important bonds with our community.

A key initiative of the P&C in 2019 was the establishment of a Shenton College Alumni Program, creating a community of former students plus current and former staff. For Shenton College, this includes those students who attended Hollywood and Swanbourne Senior High Schools.

The Shenton Alumni Program aims to provide opportunities for alumni to network with each other, plus give back to the College and support a number of student endeavours. For example – mentoring, coaching, presentations, service and financial support.

Other P&C initiatives include the Sustainable Schools Shop, a service which allows parents to trade second-hand uniform and school resources online.

The P&C Association also helps fund several school projects including the school psychologists and chaplains program supporting student wellbeing.

Elected Positions 2023

  • President: Tom Simpson
  • Vice President: Jennifer Vo
  • Treasurer: Samantha Capewell
  • School Board Rep: Justine Oxley
  • Secretary : Danielle Higgs

Email Danielle

  • FoMS Secretary: Trish Lewis

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Upcoming Meetings 2023

Thursday 16th February  (Term 1) – HUB Auditorium, 6.30pm start

Thursday 23rd March  (Term 1 – AGM) 

Thursday 11th May  (Term 2)

Thursday 3rd August  (Term 3)

Thursday 26th October  (Term 4)

Thursday 7th December  (Term 4)

All meetings will commence at 6pm and conclude by 7.30pm