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High Performance Learning (HPL)

Our High Performance Learning Program responds to the needs of students who are identified through our selection process as ready for academic extension.  Our great track record with GATE students is echoed by the success of the HPL and the high demand for entry.

HPL delivers a challenging academic curriculum provided through a differentiated program, including extension, enrichment, and acceleration in core subjects (Mathematics, English, HASS and Science).  Students join the rest of the community for their other subjects. The program allows teachers to shape course content, adjust learning processes and deliver distinct learning outcomes in a way that truly meets the particular needs of high-performing students.

Each year the HPL program accepts up to 64 new students from within our catchment area. Selection is administered by Shenton College using a local entry process.

For more information, including application and enrolment information, please visit the “Join Us” section of our website.