Student Leaders

At Shenton College we value leadership development, that’s why we have programs and practises designed to create and foster this necessary skill. Our students are leaders: amongst their peers, in our school, and in the wider community. The role and responsibilities of our elected Head Girl and Boy, and the Shenton College Student Council reflect this.

During my 5 years at Shenton College, I believe that I have progressed so much as a person. I’ve loved every moment of it.

The learning support that is provided to students is incredible and like no other. The teachers at Shenton College continue to offer endless and valuable assistance, encouraging us to work hard and to strive to do our best. Their passion for teaching is reflected in students’ unwavering interest in their classes. Although it’s extremely hard to choose, I’m currently enjoying Psychology the most. The support and enrichment offered to every student is unmatched and all students are always kept engaged and motivated to achieve their goals.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in so many co-curricular activities. Shenton’s drive to encourage and inspire students has allowed me to participate in many forums, camps, and international events. My trip to Chengdu in China was very memorable, as I travelled as an ambassador for Shenton College. Here, I had the opportunity to meet new people and become closer to other students on the trip, as well as gaining valuable experiences that I will take with me in the future.

Shenton College is unforgettable. Every single student feels welcome, safe and cared for. The memories I’ve made here are ones that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Shenton College has allowed me to engage in more extra and co-curricular activities throughout the years, including the music program which I have been a part of since the beginning of year 8.

The broad range of subjects I study indicates my desire to not simply focus on one particular type of course, but a recent pursuit of mine that I’ve really enjoyed has been my Politics and Law studies.  The HASS teachers do a great job in engaging students in complex material, though this is not to say that the teachers of any of my other subjects do not provide the same environment!

At the time of writing this text I have just returned from a Music tour in Hawaii.  This tour is one of the many examples of what Shenton has to offer its students in terms of extra-curricular support. It gave me a chance to connect with a culture I would otherwise not have known much about, and also allowed me to make friends with people from different nations. The support that Shenton offers through the teachers it employs and the environment it creates is something I’ve thoroughly appreciate and will always be the standard to which I compare other environments in the future.

Student Council

Our Student Council is a formal avenue for student voices in the school’s decision-making processes, and for students to be involved in developing the ethos and direction of the College. This representative body feeds students’ opinions and ideas into the school’s everyday discourse, and organises events in addition to a variety of student programs.

The Student Council works on a number of important portfolio areas including:

  • Charity which focuses on raising student awareness of various issues and developing fundraising opportunities through the school and the wider community.
  • Community which works for a strong school community, cohesive connections between year groups, and opportunities for students to get together through activities, competitions and events.
  • Development a new portfolio that works to nurture strong connections between the student community and student councillors, raise money for the student council through events, and develop student councillor leadership skills.
  • Environment which pursues key initiatives aimed at making the Shenton College environment as enjoyable, functional and productive as possible, while maintaining and building on support of the surrounding natural environment.Student Councillors are elected by their peers, through a preferential voting system.

Student Council 2017

Year 12

Ben Gaudin, Jai Castle, Jono Jones, Toby Chadband, Fezaan Sheikh, Chloe Marsh, Olivia Di Giuseppe, Pria Castle, Fynn Evans-Ocharern, Maddy Giles.

Year 11

Zoe Abercromby, Rafael Banzon, Kelvin Fewings, Li Jene Gan, Josh Gentle, Raymond Hu, Ezekiel McPherson, Declan Minogue, Alon Ridgard, Ling Ling Tao.

Year 10

Adrienne Byrne, Lily Hassett, Hayley Rowe, Bahira Farrag, Hannah Lee-Reynolds, Lauren Yeoh, John Taylor, Laura Grimminck, Shali Gunasekera, Cameron Young.

Year 9

Alfonso Banzon, Matteo Banzon, TJ Chong Sue, Grace Dixon, Olivia Dodd, Caitlin Gamble, Lula Huda, Bella Lewis, Lochlan Medd, Sunil Rajan

Year 8

Oscar Alpers, Tahlia Brownfield, Molly Claessen, Mia Fraser, Ellie Goeman, Cooper Hanson, Helene Pagano, Caleb Scott-Davies, Emily Seymour, Edward Truong.