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Student Leaders

At Shenton College we value leadership development, that’s why we have programs and practises designed to create and foster this necessary skill. Our students are leaders: amongst their peers, in our school, and in the wider community. The role and responsibilities of our elected College Captains, and the Shenton College Student Council reflect this.

Shenton College has provided me a unique and fundamental learning experience unlike any other. The 5 years that I have been at this school has shaped me into what I like to think of myself as a confident, aspirational and eager young adult ready to enter the workforce and face the next step of my life.

The learning experience and support that is provided to Shenton students is incredible and unlike no other. The teacher’s dedication to teaching, no just inside a classroom environment, the valuable assistance, encouragement and passion inspires all students – no matter the pathway – to achieve goals academically and in many other areas. This passion from the staff is reflected in the student’s unwavering interest, participation and achievement in the courses and activities offered at Shenton. This broad range of inspiration and aid indicates that it is difficult to focus simply on one particular course, therefore I’m not subject to having a favourite subject, but I will give a special mention to the HASS department as they make the content heavy subjects so welcoming and engaging. Although it is not to say that other courses do not provide the same environment and appeal.

Not only have I experienced great academic but gratefully had the opportunity to participate in so many co-curricular activities, as Shenton’s drive to encourage and inspire students in an environment outside the usual classroom has allowed me to be a part of so many memorable experiences within the community. My goal for 2020 is to strengthen this community relationship within the college and externally to provide the students with many opportunities, learning experiences and building of relationships as possible, because now is the best time to do it.

The Shenton experience is one that I hope to ensure every student attains. My personal duty as College Captain this year is to ensure care, collaboration and curiosity are spread throughout the school to make every single student feel welcome, safe and cared for by every peer, teacher and member of the Shenton Community for the present and the future students.

Shenton College has been an amazing environment to support my development academically, socially and mentally. As I approach my sixth and last year at the college, I can look back at my time here and see just how lucky I am to have gotten all the opportunities I had. Just this year I attended the Snow Tour, one of the many trips offered by the school. This tour was one of the best things in my life and I’m so grateful to Shenton College for giving me the access to this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I have also come to appreciate Shenton’s diversity and number of courses. As someone who doesn’t know what they want to do after school, I have been fortunate enough to be able to keep my options open. I particularly value the science department for their ability to make what could’ve been boring classes of dumping information on you really fun and accessible, and the teachers truly deserve all the praise they get for making these classes as engaging as they are. By offering certificate courses, such as the Hospitality Cert II course which I am enrolled in, I am able to gain ‘real world’ experience and qualifications that act as a safety blanket of sorts to fall back on.

Shenton College has been a safe and comfortable environment in which I have nurtured many lifelong friendships. My goal as College Captain is to strengthen these relationships between the class of 2020 so we all graduate not with a bunch of strangers that we couldn’t care less about ever seeing again, but amongst some of our closest friends. School is one of the biggest influencing factors of a child’s development and I want to make it my personal mission to guarantee every student coming out of Shenton better for it.

Student Council

Our Student Council is a formal avenue for student voices in the school’s decision-making processes, and for students to be involved in developing the ethos and direction of the College. This representative body feeds students’ opinions and ideas into the school’s everyday discourse, and organises events in addition to a variety of student programs.

The Student Council works on a number of important portfolio areas including:

  • Inclusivity
  • Sustainability 
  • Community

Student Council 2020

Year 12

Elton Tan, Titus Klem, Elizabeth Tweedie, Salila Blache, Lula Huda, Sophie Styles, Aidan Feng, Yoshi Muroi, Rhys McPhail, Caitlin Gamble, Lauren Griffiths, Olivia Dodd, Zoe Shanahan.

Year 11

Fletcher McLachlan, Edward Truong, Saoirse van Hall, Connor Grayden, Kalagan Driver, Oliver O’Keeffe, Laiad Rimando, Kate Creek, Mia Fraser, Bianca Fewings, Niamh Walsh, Helene Pagano.

Year 10

Seth Wheatley, Preston Kirby, Poppy Knapton- Lonsdale, Ashley Sarandily, Jayden Button, Kamesha Jones, Bee Warne, Cate Hickman, Andy Patterson, Luc Masure.

Year 9

Sristhi Kurran, Jo McGilvray, Taylor Brown, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elina Ismayilova, Bronte Baxter, Chris Hill, Hannah Nguyen, Sam Sparkes, Eda Basarir, Miyuu Sugiyama, Eva Czislowski, Liam Rossi, Anastasiia Maksymova.

Year 8

Thomas Corvaia, Max Cugley, William Elms, Kent Feurstein, Lawson Kirby, Georgia Oakley, Tess Kirkaldy, Tehayi Coorey, Seth Dyson Mayne, David Young, Paola Ion, Kesia Wall, Heather Bird, Emily Teune, Che Jones.