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Student Leaders

At Shenton College we value leadership development, that’s why we have programs and practises designed to create and foster this necessary skill. Our students are leaders: amongst their peers, in our school, and in the wider community. The role and responsibilities of our elected College Captains, and the Shenton College Student Council reflect this.

Student Council

Our Student Council is a formal avenue for student voices in the school’s decision-making processes, and for students to be involved in developing the ethos and direction of the College. This representative body feeds students’ opinions and ideas into the school’s everyday discourse, and organises events in addition to a variety of student programs.

The Student Council works on a number of important portfolio areas including:

  • Inclusivity
  • Sustainability 
  • Community

Student Council 2021

Year 12

Kate Creek, Daisy Bransby, Oliver Cliff, Oliver O’Keefe, Mia Fraser, Harry Betlehem, Bianca Fewings, Saoirse van Hall, Yulia Ismayilova, Helene Pagano, Fletcher McLachlan, Edward Truong.

Year 11

Andy Patterson, Preston Kirby, Rohan Edwards, Seth Wheatley, Poppy Knapton-Lonsdale, Cate Hickman, Kamesha Jones, Cooper Dobson, Rohma Rehman, Starley Lund, Niamh Hardcastle-Sharp, Lara Kirchner.

Year 10

Jerek Joseph, Lucas Fitzgerald, Samuel Sparkes, Phoebe Yen, Joshua Plummer, Sristhi Kurrun, Liam Rossi, Hannah Nguyen, Eva Czislowski, Jo McGilvray, Ben Hinchliffe, Bronte Baxter.

Year 9

Krishni Agarwal, Heather Bird, Lawson Kirby, Lara Beckett, Jayson Tan, Kesia Wall, Ruhi Ramaprasad, Kent Feurstein, Asha Perry, Seth Dyson Mayne, Tehayi Coorey, David Young.

Year 8

Eugene Paik, Josiah John, Cooper Wood, Sierra Eseltine, Lachlan Broomhall, Liam Noid, Zoe Burgess, Ripley Carr, Boze Jia, Alba Marshall-Cary, Megan Cheung, Ain Nguyen, Alicia Hamilton, James Fisher.

Year 7

Isaac Agnew, Warwick Black, Kayla Browne, Oscar De Freitas, Rong Xuan Du, Aaliyah Dunbar, Claire Jones, Tayla Melis, Osadhi Muthumuni Arachchige, Xavier Peters, Lucas Power, Daniel Richards, Bailey Riordan, Adam Starkowitz, Vincy Yeap, Jaime Young.