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Student Leaders

At Shenton College we value leadership development, that’s why we have programs and practises designed to create and foster this necessary skill. Our students are leaders: amongst their peers, in our school, and in the wider community. The role and responsibilities of our elected College Captains, and the Shenton College Student Council reflect this.

When I was in Year 7, I wasn’t aware that being a leader in Shenton could be an aspiration, let alone be possible. But with the love and encouragement from my friends and teachers, I applied for the position. It has changed my life, and I came to appreciate and embody the values of the school: Care, Curiosity and Collaboration. And with that passion for the school culture, character and its people, I’ve always wanted to become a College Captain. With this role, we act as a bridge between the amazing staff of Shenton and the whole council (7-12) which represents the student population at large (getting bigger and better every day!). We sit on the College Board to offer a student perspective and advocate for our peers in all school functions we attend. We support and nurture the students’ interest in improving the school facilities, our second home. With the opportunity that was given to me, I am incredibly excited to work with my co-College Captain Lucas, as well as Shenton College staff, students and teachers.

Over my nearly-six-years at Shenton I’ve been very grateful to be part of a year group and school whose culture of community, inclusivity, integrity, and friendship have been inspiring. I’ve been surrounded by students who form an overwhelmingly empathetic group, accepting of everyone, and willing to give others a hand; staff who truly believe in what they teach; and leaders who embody what they speak. These people made me wish to give back in the same way. As College Captain, I hope to effectively represent the students in and out of school, link year groups together via their student councils and connect students to means of making change. I’m looking forward to working with my fellow captain Hannah, the student council and staff leaders. Perhaps most importantly, I hope to encourage and celebrate the culture Shenton has built and contribute to this community.

Student Council

Our Student Council is a formal avenue for student voices in the school’s decision-making processes, and for students to be involved in developing the ethos and direction of the College. This representative body feeds students’ opinions and ideas into the school’s everyday discourse, and organises events in addition to a variety of student programs.

The Student Council works on a number of important portfolio areas including:

  • Inclusivity
  • Sustainability 
  • Community

Student Council 2023

Year 12

Jess Blycha, Taylor Brown, Eva Czislowski, Noelani Glass, Angus Hutchinson, Kate Macpherson, Jo McGilvray, Hannah Nguyen, Lara Scarvaci, Brad Schapers, Lucas Tomkins, Sayaka Wilkinson, Stuart Wood, Phoebe Yen

Year 11

Krishni Agarwal, Heather Bird, Tehayi Coorey, Seth Dyson Mayne, William Elms, Max Hingston, Paola Ion, Lawson Kirby, Matthew Mowe, Arlo Muslovich, Clementine Power, Ruhi Ramaprasad, Harrison Taylor, Harry Tear, Emily Teune

Year 10

Lachlan Broomhall, Sierra Eseltine, Elena Hauri, Josiah John, Bella Le, Sofia McDonald, Liam Noid, Grace Oldmeadow, Eugene Paik, Anant Sagar, Sujaay Vijaybharath, Cooper Wood

Year 9

Isaac Agnew, Uchralt Batzorig, Angus Campbell, Jonty Downey, Casey Florence, Marcus Logie, Osadhi Muthumuni Arachchige, Paulus Nambi, Jane Shin, Adam Starkowitz, Titan Tran, Vincy Yeap

Year 8

Riana Alecsa, Joel Bowen, Indi Bowler, Eli Cliffton-Simms, Lotty Graham, Henry Grebe, Rachit Gujarati, Raghav Gujarati, Ollie Jodrell, Tandia Knottenbelt, Leo Ion, Terry Soon, Charlie Upson, Penny Wen, Ben Zar

Year 7