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The Executive Team

The Executive Team is responsible for directing and implementing the broad narrative of Shenton College. The Team ensures that students and staff are provided with the best, most responsive learning environment possible, and makes sure that Shenton’s values are clearly articulated to community members, and that they inform all our actions both internally and in the wider community.

Michael Morgan took up his appointment at Shenton College as Principal in 2008. Prior to joining Shenton College, Michael was Principal Consultant and Principal in the Goldfields region of Western Australia and Pilbara region. Michael has extensive educational experience and a strong record of significant and successful leadership in secondary school education. Michael has established strong international and domestic education partnerships and strategic alliances. In 2013 Michael was announced as Secondary Principal of the Year and Shenton College was also announced as Secondary School of the Year.

I believe in a school that is much more than marks. The College’s motto established in 2010 “Much More Than Marks – Learning for Life” embodies my belief that a child’s schooling experience is more than an outstanding academic result. Educators and schools should strive to develop their students’ knowledge of the world and to foster the emotional and social intelligence they need to be active participants and leaders, now and in the future.

In 2014 Michael was awarded a State and National Australian Council of Education Leadership (ACEL ) Fellowship and a Churchill Fellowship. He focussed his Churchill Fellowship research in the USA around efficient ways to measure effective teaching and empowering teachers to improve their practice.

In 2016 Michael took up a position as Executive Principal to the Director General in the Department of Education (WA). Michael was seconded for 2016 and 2017 by the Director General to support her in facilitating the Department’s Comprehensive School Leadership Strategy. Having seen this project through to fruition, Michael returns to the College as our Principal in 2018 and is delighted to be able to lead the school once again.

With a humanities background and a passion for teaching, Christopher has worked at Shenton in a range of positions and portfolios since its inception, and is looking forward to further developing Shenton’s leading approach to education.

I’ve worked for many years at Shenton College and prior to that at one of our foundation schools, Hollywood Senior High School, starting way back in 1986. My leadership is founded on many years’ experience as a teacher of Humanities (in particular, Politics and Law) and also working within Gifted Education.

For the last 10 years I’ve been an Associate Principal, with responsibility for Innovation and Learning, and while Michael Morgan was seconded into the Department I was honoured to be able to lead the College as Principal during the time he was away. We’re always striving to be the best school we can be – we aspire to be a magnificent inclusive public school. These words mean a lot to me – to translate them into a school experience for our students, parents and staff, is the very reason I work in education.

The word ‘magnificent’ is usually reserved for describing a beautiful building, but we strive for it every day at Shenton and I think this is manifest to anyone who visits. I also believe the quality of inclusion is fundamental to our difference. Shenton is such an accepting and welcoming culture, from the front office staff to the gardener to the Principal, everyone, we’re all about making our community feel they have a place at the College. We also firmly believe in public values – every child in our district, boy or girl, can expect to come and receive an excellent education that values and develops their interests, from Physics to Photography, from Dance to Food Science. I love the place.

Nicole joined the College in 2015 and is Head of Upper Senior School. She works with Year 11 and 12 students, ensuring that they have the highest quality support structures and processes in place to enable them to achieve the success they deserve in their final years at Shenton.

I began my teaching career as a Mathematics teacher in the Cook Islands working for Australian Volunteers International, and on return to Australia, I gained a teaching position at Derby District High School in Western Australia’s northwest. In my work I strive to model and teach strong leadership skills, and I’m very focused on providing excellent pastoral care because I’ve seen firsthand how successful this approach is in responding to the needs of a diverse school community.

My ability to build flexible timetables that satisfy the varying demands of different learners was recognised in my progression into Deputy Principal roles – first acting at Derby District High School and then substantively at Newman Senior High. Before joining Shenton I was Deputy Principal at Ellenbrook Secondary College where I enjoyed leading the school’s response to its rapid student growth as its founding year group in 2007 moved through the school.

In my time at Shenton I’ve been struck by the focus and maturity of the students, as well as the supportive nature of our teachers. There’s a real sense that everyone is in it together –with that kind of attitude I feel that anything is possible. For me, there’s nothing better than seeing a student fulfil their potential, whatever it is, and however it’s been enabled. As a teacher and school leader, I’ll always see this as the most important part of my job.

Adam has been a teacher at Shenton College since he arrived in Australia from the UK in 2005. At Shenton he has held various leadership and coordinator roles in a wide range of areas.

During my time at Shenton I’ve worked as an English and Literature teacher, Year 10 Leader, GATE coordinator, Head of Lemnos Community, and Acting Head of Middle School. I’m delighted to take up the substantive role this year of leading the Lower Senior School, a position that provides the opportunity to support the creative and critical thinking of our students as they develop their understandings of themselves as learners, and as they begin to imagine the things they would like to achieve out in the world beyond schooling.

I believe the ‘Shenton Difference’ is the ‘can-do’ attitude of the staff, students and leaders, and the trust implicit in the relationships that the school is built upon. There is always a palpable sense of optimism at this College – that ideas will lead to fruitful outcomes, that intellectual risks will pay off, that a setback will only lead to a more rewarding future success. That optimism is borne of experience, and thrives because people in our community feel supported by one another.

Quite simply, Shenton is a remarkable school, and I feel very fortunate to work in an environment so focused on the happiness of pursuit, rather than the pursuit of happiness.

Kristy works with Years 7 and 8, our staff, and the community to ensure outstanding academic and social outcomes for all students as they transition into a secondary environment.

Prior to joining Shenton College, I was Year 9 Coordinator, Head of English Learning Area, and Associate Principal at Woodvale Secondary College. As Associate Principal, I worked with students from Years 10-12, and oversaw the Teaching and Learning portfolio.

In 2015, Applecross Senior High School invited me to join them as a Teaching and Learning Consultant. At Applecross, I worked with staff to develop and implement classroom observation and feedback processes, as well as a range of strategies relating to AITSL standards, the Australian Curriculum and the new WACE courses. During my time there, I also enjoyed leading several learning area review processes.

I believe that the ‘Shenton Difference’ lies in our broad definition of success, and our drive and ability to support individual students to achieve their own unique victories. Shenton is outstanding academically and our students are among the highest performers in the state. But more than that, Shenton provides an inclusive, nurturing, and challenging environment where students and staff are encouraged to take positive risks and to think outside the square. One of my biggest joys is working to support students to become ‘big picture’ thinkers with a sense of their place in, and responsibility to, the world.