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Lasting Leadership

At Shenton College we believe that great leadership is vital both at school, and in the wider community. We’re committed to nurturing inspirational and effective leaders – people who challenge themselves, who help others, and who work to improve and strengthen their school learning environment, culture and structure.

Through our governance and decision-making frameworks, professional learning programs, and co-curricular activities, we provide leadership development opportunities for staff and students, so that our future leaders carry into the world a drive to create a robust learning community that values individual difference as well as collective excellence.

As a public school committed to civic engagement, our leadership structures encourage wide participation. As well as the Parents and Citizens Association, our Board consists of teaching staff, students, parents, and key representatives from our community. We believe that enabling broad, considered input improves decision-making, assists in the continuing strategic development of our direction, and helps us to be responsive to the expectations of our dynamic community.