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Middle School

Years 7 and 8

Shenton College Middle School is a key feature of our unique structure, exemplifying the many ways in which we’re different to other schools.

With a strong emphasis on tailored support and pastoral care, the first two years of schooling at Shenton College are aimed at settling and assuring our new students, and creating a positive, development-focused sense of connection to the learning environment.

At Shenton, Years 7 and 8 are organised into six mixed year group communities, with a transdisciplinary team of teachers working with the groups for the entire two years. Operating on a distinct timetable to the rest of the school provides Middle School students with their own sense of space, as well as a secure environment within which they can recognise, understand and develop their particular skills and interests with the expertise and guidance of specialist teachers.

Through this unique structure, young students develop strong, ongoing relationships with teachers who, in addition to delivering high quality educational experiences, work with them to develop self-worth and confidence, and to become prepared for the challenges of Senior School and beyond.