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Gifted And Talented Education

GATE at Shenton College is a distinctive program for academically gifted children, with admission through an annual testing program administered by the Department of Education.

We help individual students explore their unique potential through integrated and academically rigorous courses that emphasise enrichment, challenge and connection. Shenton GATE graduates achieve high level success in a range of fields, and are confident, innovative, lateral thinkers, who collaborate with peers and are engaged with the world.

Shenton College GATE is unique

As the only interdisciplinary, concept-based gifted and talented program in the state, our longstanding and highly competitive GATE program:

  • Engages, excites and connects students
  • Challenges and extends critical and creative thinking
  • Builds problem solving capabilities for the 21st Century
  • Boosts self-confidence and nurtures a sense of community
  • Celebrates academic creativity and achievement

With a focus on inquiry, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation, we pose big picture questions, engage students’ imaginations and provide tools, time and dedicated space for thinking – and reflecting on thinking. Our strategically linked, co-curricular learning model enables students to make important, creative connections across subjects, and to move beyond the theoretical to apply their high level thinking in real-world settings.

Our successful approach is evidence-based and backed by current research from the International Baccalaureate program, the Australian Curriculum, and Harvard Graduate School of Education. Continuing the traditions of the successful Hollywood and Swanbourne Senior High School programs, we bring with us decades of passion and expertise for gifted and talented education. Since the establishment of the Shenton GATE program in 2001, we have been successful at a wide range of community, state and national academic awards and competitions, and produced two Rhodes Scholars. In recent years, students entering the program have also performed at the very highest levels in the entrance testing program.

Gifted students, exceptional teachers

Shenton GATE teachers are curriculum experts, with many being Western Australian leaders. As passionate specialists in their respective fields, they know how to strategically target and extend their particular programs for specific students. With a professional development program that supports staff to pursue ongoing education through the Harvard Graduate School of Educations and the Gifted Education Research Resource Information Centre at UNSW, Shenton GATE educators are second to none.