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Important Information For Our Shenton Community

Dear Members of our Shenton College Community It is with great sadness, sincere empathy and the deepest regret that I write to inform you that Stella Berry (Year 11), much-loved sister of Mae Berry (Year 9), tragically lost her life on Saturday 4th February in an incident at the river in North Fremantle.  I understand and respect that people respond to grief and loss in different ways, and that a loss such as this can trigger a broad range of emotional responses that are not always anticipated or evident. To this end, Shenton College and our entire Student Support team (School Psychologists, Student Support Officers, Chaplains, Nurses, Year Leaders, and other staff) will be available to support students as needed.  Further correspondence about how students and staff can access support will be provided this afternoon. I have personally offered, on behalf of the College, our condolences and support to Stella’s family during this very sad time. As all of you will be aware it is vital that we respect the wishes of Stella’s family who have requested understanding and privacy during this difficult time.  I am sharing this communication with the consent of the Berry family.  Shenton College respectfully acknowledges the life of Stella Berry. Yours sincerely Michael Morgan