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An update from Michael Morgan

This year Michael Morgan, Substantive Principal at Shenton College, took up his position as Executive Principal to the Director General in the Department of Education (WA). Michael was seconded for 2016 by the Director General to support her in facilitating the Department’s Comprehensive School Leadership Strategy.

This project covers the full leadership lifecycle: identifying, nurturing, developing and supporting aspiring, beginning, current and senior leaders and will:

  • encourage principals to take responsibility for leading across the system and understand what it means to be a school leader in WA
  • build on recent reforms in WA such as IPS and Classroom First
  • encompass short, medium and long-term policies, practices and initiatives that are practical, implementable and best-suited to the context
  • bring together aspects to support school leaders and their communities and be informed by national and international education research as well as constructive, system-wide consultation

In further recognition of his skills, Michael was also this year announced as an Independent Public School Fellow.

The Independent Public School Principals’ Fellowship Program was announced  by the Minister for Education and selected 20 outstanding principals who have been providing exceptional and strong leadership in their school and community.  This program, which incorporates a short term placement at Harvard University in July this year, places a new emphasis on developing the capability of school leaders to be involved in the leadership of the whole Department of WA education system. 

As a College we are very proud of the role Mike is playing at the forefront of the developing the Department’s Leadership Strategy and we look forward to sharing more of his adventures across the year.