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Spring Is Coming

A message from our Principal:
To all Shenton College students
“Spring will come.”
Seasons are natural divisions of the year. Since the dawn of time, seasons have held a special significance as they evoke emotions and connect us back to the land and our agrarian past. Seasons bring drought, flood, monsoons, wildfires and tornados but they are also times when flowers blossom; the rain kisses the fields and the leaves; and perfumes permeate the air. Right now we are in challenging times. Your day-to-day structure has altered. Many of you will be anxious and confused. Some of you may be angry. Your daily routines have changed, your schoolyard catch-ups have disappeared and your learning seems less interactive. You don’t get to see your friends, play on the oval at recess or sit at ‘your space’ for lunch. It is perfectly understandable that you feel this way. Schools are not just institutions for learning, they are places that nurture dreams. Schools can’t be replaced by digital learning hubs. Schools are meant to be collaborative and interactive spaces. They aren’t just bricks, bytes and blackboards. Schools are environments that should challenge and stimulate inquiry. They are ecosystems than should join, inspire, connect and unite. The quality of a school is not just in the teaching but in the enlightenment and laughter. For great schools don’t just educate minds, they educate hearts. We should never underestimate the importance of schools as social institutions that allow ideas, imagination, creativity, curiosity and confidence to blossom.
I empathise with every one of you. Because of a tiny, simple genome encapsulated in a protein shell, your school and daily lives have been significantly altered. A virus has changed your ways of operating and your ways of learning. Don’t, however, let coronavirus change your way of being. A vaccine will be developed, and schools and borders will re-open. This harsh season will change. Our lives, like the seasons, will eventually get warmer. The remaining question is what will be the long-term effects of this insidious virus? Please don’t let the lasting effects of this contagion be the ability to mutate our level of humanness or our capacity to care.
I don’t know when we will be back to face-to-face learning; however, I do know that we will get through this crisis. Even though we are in difficult times, rest assured – spring is coming. No winter lasts forever. Shenton has outstanding teachers and they are here to support you. We have developed quality, flexible, digital resources that require low bandwidth and provide maximum accessibility to keep you up-to-date with the curriculum; not clutter your inbox or test your network limitations. During Term Two, we will increase our digital resources to allow for teachers to check for your level of understanding and to provide you with more detailed, meaningful feedback. We have implemented several allowances and flexibilities to support you during these challenging times and when you return to Shenton. We have developed a range of tasks for you that will enable you to demonstrate your expertise and have modified some of our digital resources to allow your teachers to check for your level of learning acquisition.
During this autumn, be like the deciduous trees. Don’t worry about losing your leaves, as spring is coming.
Kind regards
Michael Morgan
Shenton College