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SOE Migration

On Thursday 20th September the School’s network will be migrated to the Department of Education’s Standard Operating Environment (SOE). As a consequence of the changes, all staff and students will use their DoE account credentials for access to their Shenton resources. Parents’ Compass logins will remain unchanged.

Before the migration begins, you should record your new login details. The new details page will not be available once the migration begins.

The Shenton and DoE staff performing the migration will endeavour to have critical services back up and running as soon as possible. The table below outlines the service status during the migration. Each service will be marked as “Available” once it has been successfully migrated, at which time you should be able to use it with your new login credentials. If you are having trouble with one of the “Available” services, please get in touch with Technology Services: email or phone (08) 9366 9100.

What’s changing?

Current service availability

Service@Shenton CollegeOutside school or via mobile hotspot
Wi-Fi accessAvailableNot Applicable
Shenton Google Suite (Google Drive, Google Classroom, etc)AvailableAvailable
PrintingAvailableNot Applicable
SISAvailableNot Applicable
MessageYouAvailableNot Applicable
Email (
Email (
Shared drive (S drive)AvailableNot Applicable
Home drives (H drive)AvailableDiscontinued
School websiteAvailableAvailable
Shenton DEC websiteAvailableAvailable
School portal/intranetAvailableAvailable
Library (Destiny)AvailableAvailable
Library (LibGuides)AvailableAvailable
Library (Wheelers)AvailableAvailable
Library (databases)AvailableAvailable
Self Service appAvailableAvailable
Admin office computersAvailableNot Applicable
Student lab computersAvailableNot Applicable
Classroom AV (projectors/TVs)AvailableNot Applicable
School telephonesAvailableAvailable
IP phones in heritage areaAvailableAvailable

What’s changing?

Check this page regularly over the next few weeks for the most up-to-date information.

WirelessShenton Students
Shenton Curric
WIRELESS-5 (preferred)
using DoE username
CompassShenton usernameDoE username
MoodleShenton usernameDoE username
Shenton EmailShenton ExchangeArchive available in Google Suite
DoE Email(Not Affected)DoE Portal