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Smashers crowned champions!!

The Smashers have recorded an historic victory over specialist soccer school John Curtin College of the Arts last Monday. In the first year that the competition has included Year 7’s Shenton College has been crowned the champion team of the Junior Boys Soccer Shield Competition. We defeated JCCA 7 goals to nil.

Long story short, after our defeat to Joseph Banks in the quarter final round of the Champion Schools Cup, the Smashers qualified for the Shield Competition draw. On Thursday the 10th Sept we defeated Prendiville Catholic College in trying conditions and qualified for the final.

From the first kick off in the final our boys were hungry, pressing the JCCA boys hard and placed them under incredible pressure. Daniel Walsh opened the scoring with an absolute bullet from outside the box and filled the team full of confidence. They maintained their relentless pressure throughout the half, winning the contests and causing JCCA to turn the ball over and over and the flood gates opens as we scored another 3 goals. The second half was much like the first and the boys netted another 3 goals.

Football talent is plentiful in Middle School .The really scary thing is that some of our strongest players are only in Year 7 and Daniel Walsh, Nic Walsh and Samim Fattahi have all been selected to represent WA in the state comp held in Coffs Harbour during the break. Future success for Shenton football is looking promising!