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Shenton wins the Meritorious School Award for the second year in a row

Well swimming season has finished again and the Shenton swimmers were amazing as usual. We finished 2nd !! 39 points behind first place (out of a nearly 1200 point total) a very close result.
(3rd place was over 400 points behind.)

As a result we were awarded the Meritorious school award for the second year running.

Champions on the day were:

  • Yr 7 Girls: Kate Harrison
  • Yr8 Boys TJ Chong Sue
  • Yr 9 Girls Miki Ryan, runner up : Seria Hasebe
  • Yr 11 Boys: Taj Jones
  • Yr 11 Girls Jessica Ling
  • Yr 12 runner up Haden Winbridge Glassford