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Shenton Students Perform Well at the World Scholar’s Cup in KL

Last week 15 students were away for the World Scholar’s Cup – Global Round in Kuala Lumpur. It was a week of debating, writing, quizzes, cultural fairs, dances, stairs and excitement!

After a short turn around from the regional round, the Shenton students put on an impressive performance, walking away with heavy necks from the medals they won!

A few achievement of note: – 2 teams qualified for the Tournament of Champions at Yale:

  • Michelle Lam, Georgia Ngo and Morgan Crockett
  • Willem De Blanc, Evan Blandin De Chalan and Zony Li

The senior division had 1300 students competing

  • Izzy Leman 80th in writing
  • Evan 56th in writing
  • Georgia Ngo 93rd in debating
  • Michelle 65th in debating
  • Ben Gaudin 32nd in debating

Team debate 29th overall for the senior girls.

  • Michelle Lam was the top school scorer.
  • Finn Williams was 86th overall in the junior debating.

Morgan, Willem and Erin Campbell all performed musical pieces in front of an audience of 2000 (very impressive).