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Shenton Shines in the 2015 Mirrabooka Interschool Squash Championships

On Thursday 1st July, the “Shenton Squash Squad” , comprising 10 teams, entered the 2015 Mirrabooka Interschool Squash Championships.

The “Shenton Squash Squad” included 4 Senior Boys Division 1 teams, 1 Senior Girls Division 1 team, and 5 Junior Boys Division 1 teams, who together took on the might of many schools, including Hale School, and Leeming High School, the Department of Education’s “Specialist Squash School”.

Senior Boys Division 1:

Our players warmed up for first tie – Tim Tay – our Divi 1 Team 1 captain, and state ranked, looked magic on the court! Control of centre court, deft drop shots, use of the three walls – phew, hardly moved, but when he did, with decisive speed.

Alex Dakic was serving with fearsome force in the warm-ups, and continued that form all day, and drove wide to the rear walls, giving opponents little chance of recovery.

Ralph Smith had the “smarts” over his opponents most of the day, and displayed a whipping forehand drive, that most opponents couldn’t see, yet return. When under pressure, our students came together for support, and this won the day. Terrific result.

In the Grand Final, Alex set the boys off to a great start by winning the first rubber against Leeming Senior High School. Ralph Smith represented Shenton College in the second rubber and in a tough battle, put the match and the Grand Final result beyond doubt with a good points win. Tim Tay, the captain, convincingly won his match to ensure a whitewash result.

Grand Final: Senior Boys Interschool Squash Division I:
Squash “Shenton Squash Squad” 3 – Leeming 0.

Junior Boys Division 1:

Captained by Connor Strong, with big serving Justin Mathews our second member and Vincent Van Vliet our third, the boys played off against Leeming High School in the Grand Final.

Vincent lost no time in recording a fine victory in the opening rubber, controlling the game for most of the match.

Justin then came on the court and his powerful serving, with ball deviating off the side walls had his opponent struggling to maintain rhythm. Justin prevailed and the Shenton Squash Squad Junior Boys Division 1 Team 1 had the rubber 2-0 – and won.

Connor met the state champion in his rubber and despite a great game, found his opponent extremely skilful and too good on the day.

Grand Final: Junior Boys Interschool Squash Division I:
“Shenton Squash Squad” 2 – Leeming 1.

Senior Girls Division 1:

Led by captain Georgia Strong, with Aimee Pownall and Angelica Browne, as second and third team members, and Charlotte Edwards doing a magnificent job in umpiring and scoring, the girls were extremely competitive and too strong for most opponents.

As the 14 courts were very busy, the decision was made to aggregate the points for the Senior Girls Interschool Squash Division 1 Grand Final, and forego a Grand Final play-off. Leeming Senior High School prevailed as champions, by winning by a solitary point in the 1800 odd points amassed by both teams over the championships.

Result: Senior Girls Interschool Squash Division I:
Winner: Leeming Senior High School
Runner – Up: Shenton Squash Squad

There were many other great efforts and matches played on the day, and the 34 member team played great matches, showed great sportsmanship and fought hard in each match.
The Shenton Squash Squad team represented Shenton College magnificently, both on and off the court, all day.

Jack Ellis, a fine tennis player, played for Shenton Squash Squad Senior Boys Team 3, had played only two games of squash before the Championships. What a standout – Jack going down by a few points to a State player ranked 3 or 4 player!

The return trip carried a great group of happy Shenton Squash Squad members!