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Shenton College Students Produce the Best Design and the Fastest Car

Huge success from Design & Technology. Corey Heron (year 9) who won the State Title in the “Outlaw Category” has been crowned the National Champion for 2015.

The Outlaw Category is for entries that do not meet specifications and are judged purely on speed. Tremendous achievement I think to build the fastest dragster in Australia. His time of 1.02 seconds was the fastest across all divisions including those that get made by cnc machines. A lot of effort went into the design with Robert Crew leading the planning and designing special wheels that was 3d printed. If you see the lads please give them a pat on the back.
Also in Division A Hui Wen had the best marks across all competitors for design: Design – 13.73 (Closest rival – 12.67)

So this year across all of Australia we have the best design and the fastest car.

Other results:
Division A
Alan John 16th place

Please congratulate these students if you see them.


Calvin D’Sylva
Teacher – Design & Technology