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School reopens February 8th

Dear Parents and Caregivers


You may have seen the message from the Premier on Thursday evening where he confirmed the 5 day lockdown for Perth, Peel and South West will be lifted from Friday, 6 February 2021 at 6 pm, subject to Friday’s health advice.

The wonderful news is that Shenton College opens on Monday 8th February, and all staff will return to work. We greatly look forward to welcoming back students and immersing students into the important aspects of formalised schooling. Thank you to all students and parents for your understanding and support during the Week One Lockdown.

The Premier has announced that there will be post lockdown measures for Perth and Peel, including restrictions to gatherings and masks to be worn by staff and all secondary students for next week: 8th February- 12th February.

Whilst I envisage this will have some impact on assemblies and gatherings next week; I am sure we all agree that returning children ‘safely’ back to a learning environment is paramount.

Shenton College has sufficient masks available for students if they elect to be supplied with one. This stated, all staff and students need a mask in public and therefore should be arriving at school wearing a mask. This is our public responsibility. Parent and student support during this time would be greatly appreciated.

Together we will support students in understanding the importance of wearing a mask next week and complying with mandatory safety procedures.

As individuals, our endowments of consciousness gives us the potential for more than just self-awareness and independence but awareness of others and interdependence. We do not always control what happens; however, we always control how we respond. Now is a time for us to be thoughtful of others and act accordingly, and teach that care for others defines our humanness.

Mike Morgan


Please note:

Student Wellbeing

Departmental Assistance to students during the lockdown is available. For students and families, resources can be accessed on the Department of Education website. Families are also encouraged to contact Shenton College to enquire about school-based support, including student support officers, chaplains and school psychologists.

If you need any support please can you notify us so we can assist.