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Principal’s Update – Reporting COVID-19 Caseloads

Dear parents, caregivers, students and staff

As you will be aware we are seeing increasing Covid-19 caseloads within Western Australia.

It is inevitable that with 2700 students and 311 staff, we are going to face increased caseloads within our Shenton College community.  We are very grateful that parents are notifying us of positive PCR testing results and it is important that you are aware that we are starting to be informed daily of PCR positive test notifications. I can confirm that yesterday we had our first staff member test PCR positive to the virus. At the time of writing this correspondence, we have 6 active cases that are in isolation.  I am writing to you to affirm that in all instances we follow strict WA Health protocols: if your child is identified as a close contact we will communicate this to you immediately, with clear directions on how to proceed.  Furthermore, if your child is deemed a close contact follow up advice on the need to isolate, duration etc. should come directly from the WA Health Department. Attached to this correspondence you will find Health Department advice about what defines a close contact and guidelines for isolation.
Shenton College teachers have been uploading resources and are also placing lesson plans with their lesson intentions on Compass, where practicable. If students are required to isolate, then student assessments will be negotiated on an individualised basis with their teachers. Furthermore, the College will endeavour to support your child and try and ensure a continuity of learning.

Please can I remind all parents, staff and students – if you are wearing a mask and following the correct mandated practices for secondary schools, it is unlikely you will be deemed a close contact. Therefore, you will not be required to isolate. The wearing of masks and following safe social distancing protocols greatly reduces your risk. If your child or a staff member is sick (symptomatic) please stay home and get tested. We are very fortunate to have a supportive and collaborative community and we greatly appreciate the actions that our students, staff and community are undertaking to maximise health and minimise risk during this time. Thank you to all parents that are reminding their children of their shared responsibility to wear masks.

To all parents please be in no doubt that we will continue to communicate directly with you as the need arises on matters pertaining to Covid-19 within our school community. We will not blanket report positive Covid-19 cases to the wider community as they occur, because they will occur on a very regular basis. We will, however, continue to communicate with individual families and offer them our ongoing support.

We are very confident that if we all work together, face-to-face teaching and learning will prevail.

Mr Michael Morgan