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Gifted and Talented Results 2021

With this year’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) test results for Y7 in 2021 coming out this week, we are aware that some families will be facing big decisions about their GATE preferences. With the disruptions caused by COVID-19 this semester, we have not been able to run our usual school tours or our GATE Information Presentations.  To offer some support to families as they try to work through which program is the right fit for their child, we wanted to point you in the direction of some key resources that might help.  Of course, all the testing, results, offers and preferences are managed centrally by GTSU (Gifted and Talented Selection Unit) and they should be your primary contact for all queries related to results, and the next stages in the selection processes.

From a Shenton College perspective though, this film gives families a sense of the culture of our school, and the presentation below highlights the key points we would have addressed at our GATE Information Sessions.

We are very proud of our unique GATE program which helps individual students explore their unique potential through integrated and academically rigorous courses that emphasise enrichment, challenge and connection. The academic success of last year’s graduating GATE students, coupled with a school culture that values an inclusive commitment to the whole child, and learning beyond the classroom, demonstrates the benefits of our approach of responding to the individual needs of our students.

GATE Information Presentation