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Parent Teacher Report Day

Interviews and Strategies for Improvement

Following on from the release of Semester 1 Reports (Y7, 8, 9 and 10 are due to go out this Friday) our follow up Parent & Teacher Interview day is calendared for Thursday 30th June; 12.30 until 7pm.

Teachers will have indicated on your child’s report if an interview is required. If the ‘Interview Required’ box has not been ticked then you are not required to arrange an interview. Many parents appreciate interview days as an opportunity to thank their child’s teachers – while we appreciate this, time constraints, and our focus on students requiring focused support, means that these interview sessions are for those students identified by the teacher.

Teachers who will be available for interviews will be seated alphabetically, in the College’s Arts and Technology building (Years 10, 11, 12)) and the Library (Years 7, 8) and Year 9 Maths, HASS, Science and English.

Please note that all interviews will be restricted to five minutes and will be by appointment only. If a lengthier interview is required this should be arranged for another time.

We are using a Schools On-Line Booking System, the instructions for which can be found here:

Parent_Instructions_for_Online_Booking 2016

The link for the website for bookings is HERE.  If you do not have access to a computer for the booking procedure, please contact the Senior School/Middle School office and they will assist you to organise teacher appointments.

Parents have access to the booking system from 6am Saturday 25 June until bookings close at 12 midnight on Wednesday 29 June. Parents can still access and view/print their interviews until midnight on the Thursday 30 June.

Clarification on the structure of the day

We would like to clarify the arrangements around tomorrow’s Parent Interview Day. We have suspended the school timetable for the afternoon to allow for parents to meet with the teachers of their child/ren.  As you are aware, staff will be available to meet with parents from 12:30pm-7:00pm.

There will be staff available to supervise any students who need to attend during normal school hours (8:56am – 3:05pm). We would ask that all students attending tomorrow report to the relevant School Administration Office (Middle or Senior) at the start of the school day.