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School Of Life

The School Of Life is a social enterprise founded in England by philosopher and essayist, Alain De Botton. The School is dedicated to developing emotional intelligence with reference to contemporary culture, and providing a space for students to take in and engage with the central questions and emotional concerns of 21st century daily life. Originally situated in London, the School now has classrooms right across the globe, including Antwerp, Berlin, Istanbul, Melbourne, Sao Paulo and Seoul.

With its focus on returning ideas and learning to the centre of our lives, our work with TSoL Perth is not only a world first, but also a perfect fit with our responsive, connected and interdisciplinary approach to education. Our collaboration sees us work together to develop a curriculum offering young adults the chance to engage with courses that explore the types of questions that some of humanity’s greatest thinkers have turned their minds to, such as “How to Make Sense of Your Family”, “How to Have Better Conversations”, and “How to Find a Job You Love.”

TSoL classes are available to both students and parents in our community. To find out more, please email