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Kimberley GIFT Program

The Gifted Indigenous: Focus on Talent (GIFT) program is a collaborative project between Shenton College and UWA. GIFT is an important and resolute expression of our commitment to equity and excellence in our school and in the wider community, as well as our passion for constructive public engagement and relationship building. Funded by BHP through their Community Development Projects program, GIFT was developed in response to shortfalls in identification processes and supports for Indigenous academically gifted students.

A major function of GIFT is to identify Indigenous gifted and talented students in Western Australia’s Northwest, to enable them to access the high level differentiated teaching and learning opportunities, including leadership, enrichment and extension, that are available to their academically gifted peers in metropolitan areas.

Led by Professor Peter Merrotsy of UWA’s Graduate School of Education, the program also develops, tests and implements effective identification tools, and establishes a community of support to nurture the particular gifts and talents of identified students.

We work primarily with Year 5 and 6 students in primary schools in various communities in the North West of Western Australia, including Jigalong, Port Hedland, Newman, One Arm Point, Fitzroy Crossing and Bayulu Remote Community School.