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China International Mathematics Competition – CIMC

Over the last week and a half, 8 Shenton students represented Australia at the CIMC in Changchun, China.

They competed against 60 other teams representing 28 countries or regions within countries (eg the Province of Alberta, Canada) and did a great job. India is also represented by a single school, however their school has a Mathematics focus which gives them an edge and their population to select from is 60,000 – so we were up against it.

However, Oscar Murat put in a great effort to secure a Merit Award – basically a fourth place – in his pool in the Individual Competition. Adding to that we won the “Most Friendship Award” which meant we had a lot of fun and made some good friends while there.

The kids were terrific ambassadors for their country and Shenton College and should be congratulated for their efforts. Throughout Term 2 they engaged in weekly coaching sessions run by Dion Alfonsi from UWA as well as engaging in other Maths enrichment programs from Year 8. All power to them.

They also had the opportunity to visit Beijing which was terrific and I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you all about it if you ask.

Congrats to Daniel Boyle, Jai Castle, Matt Loe and Oscar Lam in Year 10 and Alex Truong, Rose Lin, Oscar Murat and Kailin Guo in Year 9 for their efforts in the lead up to, at and following the competition – they were magnificent!

Laurie Saunders