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Awards of Excellence from the 2015 WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad

On Saturday, some brilliant Shenton College mathematicians went to UWA for the 2015 WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad. The goal of the competition is to identify the most gifted students in Mathematics, and our eight Year 9 students were exceptional. Jack Barron, Thomas Brauhart, Robert Crew, Jordan Greenwood, Kailin Guo, Rose Lin, Oscar Murat, Alexandra Truong spent the day doing what they love best, and thrived doing it! During the break between the individual and team competitions, there was much discussion about the gruelling questions, trust games, free biscuits, and team strategy. It certainly paid off as we took home two prizes in the afternoon: Rose Lin was awarded Award of Excellence (Individual Performance) , and Team 2 (Jack Barron, Jordan Greenwood, Kailin Guo, Rose Lin) were awarded Award of Excellence (Team Performance).