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Shenton College Business Plan: Shenton 2020
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Successful Students

At Shenton College each and every student is welcomed, encouraged, and celebrated and their uniqueness is recognised and valued. There is space and a place for every success at Shenton College.  Successful students have a strong sense of belonging and connectedness to the school community values.

We believe that every member of our community has an integral role to play in supporting our students to:

  • Build empathy, resilience and self-efficacy
  • Develop the skills to self-regulate
  • Know and care about themselves
  • Understand their responsibility to positively influence their communities
  • Seek out opportunities for social, emotional and academic growth

Strategies & Milestones

Fully embed a whole school approach to Growth Mindset and Positive Psychology

  • All staff engage in and embed their understandings from professional learning (PL) in Growth Mindset (GM) and Positive Psychology (PP)
  • Audit and renewal of assessment tasks, course outlines and school policy to ensure appropriate focus
  • PP/GM embedded in strategic plans and curriculum documents across all areas of the College
  • PP/GM presentations and understandings are communicated to students

Whole school renewal of the mentor program and strategic implementation with a focus on building student resilience and efficacy – scope and sequenced Y7-12

  • Student Services Strategic Plan developed
  • Appropriate PL identified and engaged in by key Student Services staff, Year Leaders and educational leaders in the College
  • Existing Mentor Program is audited and implementation reviewed
  • Scope and sequence for Mentor program established and embedded in programs

Expansion of the active citizenship and service learning focus in Y7-10

  • Age appropriate opportunities identified for citizenship and service learning opportunities in Y7-10
  • Focus for service established within year programs (e.g. Mentor Program Scope and Sequence) and
  • Establishment of coordinated whole school service opportunities

Deliberate support for the full range of students to engage in a broad range of co-curricular opportunities

  • Completed review of existing opportunities and analysis of demographics of participants to inform areas for development
  • Identification of underrepresented groups within our community
  • Targeted promotion of and recruitment for new opportunities

Mapped provision of learning opportunities for parents, connected to their role in building empathetic and resilient adolescents

  • Completed review of key areas of interest for parents
  • Appropriate external and internal providers sourced and recruited to provide learning opportunities for parent body

A deliberate approach to increasing student regular attendance

  • Improved analysis of regular attendance data
  • Identification and intervention strategies developed for at risk students (those with regular attendance below 90%)

An increase in opportunities for students to study high level certificate courses

  • Enhanced number of offerings in appropriate Cert III & IV qualifications

Comprehensive processes for course counselling and career development that ensure successful pathways, support student wellbeing and prepare students for a life of contribution beyond school

  • Audit of current career development mapped across the years
  • Whole school career development plan Y7-12
  • Continued PL for course counsellors to ensure contemporary knowledge and understandings of system initiatives