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Shenton College Business Plan: Shenton 2020
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Powerful Learners

A high quality learning environment is one where all learners know where they are at, know where they need to go to improve, and know how to get there. At Shenton College our work is underpinned by our belief that we are all capable of growth and learning and have the right to the appropriate support. We commit to supporting our students in their learning by:

  • Making the learning process explicit and visible
  • Developing our students’ understanding of how they best learn
  • Maintaining safe learning environments where challenge is provided and responsible risk-taking is encouraged

Strategies & Milestones

Explicit and sequenced teaching of study skills – hover years, Learning Areas and the mentor program

  • Scope and sequence for study skills established
  • Embedded in all Learning Area curriculum planning and mentor programs

Review and refinement of assessment tasks based on the principle of ‘Assessment for Learning’

  • PL for all L3s and 2iCs on Assessment for Learning
  • Review of Assessment Outlines

Developing and implementing a program that explicitly teaches our students how their brains work and highlights learning how to learn  – Growth Mindset, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Whole Brain/Active Learning

  • Appropriate program(s) established by key staff
  • PL delivered to all staff
  • Programs established in curriculum planning across all year groups and cohorts

A curriculum focus on the seven General Capabilities in the Western Australian Curriculum to ensure that our students are successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens

  • Review/Audit of current practice in programs
  • Explicit focus on the GC evident in our curriculum planning across all LAs, year groups and cohorts

Professional learning community developed to support staff understanding and implementation of Visible Thinking routines in their planning for learning

  • PLC established
  • Comprehensive staff completion of Harvard Visible Thinking  online learning module
  • Classroom observation and feedback based on implementation of Visible Thinking routines in the classroom