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Shenton College Business Plan: Shenton 2020
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Engaged Leaders

At Shenton College we believe that leadership functions at every level of the school and that effective leaders, whatever their role in our community, are central to our culture of continuous improvement.

We are committed to developing high quality leadership across the College and providing opportunities for growth through:

  • Promotion of the student voice and a shared role in decision-making about their community
  • Recognising and valuing a broad definition of leadership
  • Fostering a culture of professional learning aligned with our focus areas
  • Active involvement in system-wide leadership

Strategies & Milestones

Implementation of GROWTH Coaching model across line management relationships in the College

  • GROWTH Coaching PL for all L3+ admin in the College
  • Establish a cohort of Accredited GROWTH Coaches within our staff
  • GROWTH Coaching strategy integral to the frameworks used to inform all Performance Development conversations in the College, visible in REACH

Development and roll out of an aspirant leadership program for staff

  • Formulation of a strategic Aspirant Leadership Program
  • Identification of staff cohort
  • Connections formed with tertiary institutions for accredited learning

Development of a program to facilitate alumni mentoring/coaching role for current students

  • Develop the strength of our alumni register
  • Identify areas of value for mentor/coach relationships
  • Development and implementation of a training program to upskill mentors
  • Implementation

Development and implementation of a strategic plan around a broad approach to providing new student leadership opportunities

  • Review of existing opportunities and analysis of demographics of participants to inform areas for development
  • Targeted promotion of and recruitment for other opportunities

Develop school structures that promotes participative decision making, support delegation and distributive leadership, and encourage teacher decision-making autonomy

  • Establish school structures and processes that encourage
    participative decision making, and engage staff in leading the continued development of the College
  • Training of Chairpersons
  • IT, Literacy, Numeracy, Wellbeing, Growth Mindset, Positive Psychology committee groups to be established
  • Strategic plans developed by committees and delivered to Principal