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Shenton College Business Plan: Shenton 2020
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Achievement Targets

Shenton 2020 describes the planning context for the continued development and improvement of the College and establishes four key areas: Successful Students, Connected Teachers, Powerful Learners, Engaged Leaders.

Our Strategies and Milestones provide a valuable roadmap for our community to understand the direction we will take for the next three years. Alongside the Strategies and Milestones identified Shenton 2020 includes targets to measure key aspects that we consider significant indicators of improvement.

These targets are reflective of the broad ambitions of this Business Plan and are specific in their focus. Some of the targets are deliberately aimed at specific cohorts of students who have been identified through our self-assessment process; others are more global in their scope and require a much more schoolwide response. The targets are overtly ambitious and are written to encourage improvement and growth in current areas of identified need, as well as sustainable consolidation in areas of strength.

The College Principal makes a comprehensive report to the School Board, the College staff, and the Parents & Citizens on all aspects of NAPLAN performance.  The College also presents an Annual Report to the community through the School’s Online portal and the College website.

Academic Targets


Target 1: In each year of the Business Plan, we see a positive trend in students (stable cohort) achieving at the ‘Limited’ and ‘Satisfactory’ performance in Y7 NAPLAN, having ‘Moderate’ or better progress in Y9, across Reading, Writing and Numeracy.

(Source: First Cut – EARS Assessment data)

Target 2: Our Student Gain measurement will be above those of ‘Students with Same Starting Scores’ in NAPLAN 7-9 for matched students (stable cohort) (MySchool website; NAPLAN, Student Gain)


Target 3: All students on a WACE pathway will achieve a 55+ ATAR or a Certificate II or higher.

Target 4: In each year of the Business Plan, 80% or more of our students will attain an ATAR score or a Certificate III or higher, with an ambitious target of 85% by the end of the Business Plan cycle. (Schools Online/SAIS WACE report)

Target 5: The median Year 12 ATAR performance will rank in the Top 5 of the Like Schools group, with an ambitious target of being the top public comprehensive school. (SAIS School Performance Report/Schools Online)

Specialist Programs

Target 6: Continued positive trends in median ATAR results for students in the selective academic GATE Program in comparison to the other cohorts in the College.

Non-Academic Targets

With the implementation of new data collection tools we are capable of collecting substantial quality data to measure our progress within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the AITSL Standards for Principals.  These standards are the focus of our REACH Performance Development processes and reflect our achievements in influencing the creation of a safe and inclusive learning environment where the focus is on each member of the community being conscious of their own progress strategy.

In 2017 we recognise the need to establish baseline data to inform future ambitions and then for specific targets for improvement to be developed. For our teaching staff these targets will operate in the 5 AITSL standards that fall under teacher Professional Knowledge and Professional Practice.

  • Know students and how they learn
  • Know the content and how to teach it
  • Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
  • Create a maintain safe and supportive learning environments
  • Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

For our leadership team the collected data will relate to the AITSL Standards for Principals:

  • Leading teaching and learning
  • Leading improvement, innovation and change
  • Developing self and others
  • Leading the management of the school
  • Engaging and working with the community

Target 7: Established classroom survey data indicates positive trends across all 5 of the identified AITSL Teaching Standards.

Target 8: School wide surveys demonstrate strong levels of satisfaction in school culture, leadership and organisation. (WHITS student voice survey/SOCS survey, Effective School Improvement, Curtin University)

Target 9: Positive incremental changes in regular student attendance in all year groups, with an ambitious target of 85% or higher for the whole school by 2019 (Schools Online, Student Details, Student Attendance by Year Group)