Aboriginal art workshop


Sheila Humphries, an internationally acclaimed Nyoongar artist, visited the College in June. She ran an art workshop and spoke to the Year 11 & 12 Visual Art students. She talked about her experience growing up as one of the Stolen Generation and the journey to a successful and rewarding career as an artist.

Sheila showed her work to the students and taught them about the meaning of the symbols used in Indigenous Art. She demonstrated how she composes artworks and taught them traditional dot painting techniques. The students really enjoyed the experience and found the workshop both meaningful and impactful.

Minister Ellery questioned

Year 11 & 12 Politics and Law students had the opportunity to quiz the Education Minister, Sue Ellery, at a Q&A session in the Humanities Department.

Minister Ellery gave the students, some of whom are aspiring politicians, lawyers and journalists, insights into life as both a law-maker (Member of the Legislative Council) and a law enforcer (Cabinet Minister). She spoke on the challenges her role presents and the opportunities to define education and other major government policies.

The Minister took questions on a range of topics, from her working relationship with the Federal Government and its education policies through to the day-to-day challenges of executive government.

Mr Alex Roseveare